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In Stock Muntons Malt

We now have available in our warehouse a full range of muntons malt for every brewing need. See below for In Stock Items.

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In Stock Muntons Malt

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   Muntons and CWS understands that not all breweries are built and run on the same scale and that the needs of the small brewer are different from those of the larger regional, national or even multi-national breweries.

For this reason we have a dedicated team who are committed to meeting your needs and expectations.

We know that you are looking for the most consistent, great quality malt available nearby and when you want them. You can rest assured that we provide malt made to Muntons exacting standards that has been through stringent quality control procedures and are thoroughly tested. CWS has a team of Muntons expert on hand for any information you need to assist you in brewing the perfect beer. 

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