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Claristar 2.5kg

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Natural liquid mannoprotein preparation for tartrate stabilization

Claristar is a specialty mannoprotein product from Oenobrands for natural stabilization of wines. It is the result of a patented extraction and separation technique that isolates the fraction of mannoproteins from S. cerevisiae with the highest Tartrate Stability Index (TSI). When added to wine Claristar inhibits the nucleation and growth of potassium tartrate crystals. In addition to stability the sensory balance of red, white and rose wines are enhanced by the positive effect of the mannoproteins. Users note improved and fresher aromatics as well as smoothness on the palate.

Recommended Dosage
Common dosages are 80 - 100 ml/hL for white and rose wines, and 70 - 90 ml/hL for red wines. To ensure efficacy of a Claristar addition for stability of any particular wine, bench trials MUST be run with laboratory analysis and verification. Please contact us for more information.


Claristar can be considered for use in white, rose, and red wines that meet the below criteria:
    • Claristar must be added to the FINAL BLEND of the wine
    • The wine must never have been treated with calcium carbonate
    • The wine must be confirmed protein stable
    • The wine must be under 16% alcohol by volume