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24" Digital Thermometer

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Range:  -58°F to 392°F
    • IP66/67 waterproof rating
    • 24-inch heavy duty SS probe
    • MIN/MAX memory
    • HOLD feature

The rugged stainless steel stems feature a reduced diameter at the tip for easy insertion and good response time. Use these thermometers in hundreds of unique applications in lab or industry but here are two popular ones:

Composting Thermometer Great for home or commercial composting. The display is big and easy-to-read when the probe is inserted in your pile. The MAX/MIN function recalls the highest and lowest temperatures reached since the last reset so you can easily determine and manage a correct temperature profile for your compost. The waterproof housing protects the unit from rain and compost moisture.

Meat & Food Processing Thermometer Easily reach the center of lugs, hoppers, holds, combines, and pallet bins. Choose the 12" or 24" anywhere you have bulk meat or food product that must be checked for temperature and you need extra reach or depth. Waterproof design, reasonable accuracy and a very affordable price.