Aeration Oxidation Assembly with Water Aspirator

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 The vacuum aspiration (aeration-oxidation) method is independent of other components. It provides a more correct value for the acid-released free SO2.  An aspirator pump that attaches to a lab faucet is included as a vacuum source, but a vacuum pump may also be used.  The assembly includes all needed reagents for testing. 

Assembly includes:

1 each     100ml Sideport Flask

1 each     Impinger Set

1 each     Impinger Stand

1 each     Water Aspirator

1 each     20ml Volumetric Pipet

1 each     100ml Glass Cylinder

2 each    General Purpose Clamp

1 each     5x8" Metal Stand

1 each     Tubing & Stopper Set

1 each     Hoffman Clamp

1 each     5 - 25ml Dispenser

1 each     Sodium Hydroxide 0.01N, 16oz

1 each     Phosphoric Acid 25%, 32oz

1 each     Hydrochloric Acid 0.01N, 2oz

1 each     Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, 1oz

1 each     Vacuum Aspir. SO2 Indic., 0.5oz

1 each     Dilute Acid for SO2, 1oz

1 each     Dilute Base for SO2, 1oz

1 each     Instructions