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Bentolact S

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For preventative treatment of oxidation and removal of off-odors.

Bentolact S is a blend of soluble casein and bentonite.  Bentolact S can help reduce bitterness associated with heavy press fractions or moldy grapes. The negative charge of bentonite attracts and precipitates positively charged colloidal and proteinaceous materials which can contribute to off-odors and haze. At the same time the casein will help remove phenolic compounds associated with bitterness and oxidation. Higher dosages may be used for poor quality juice.

Bentolact S is supplied in dry form which is easily soluble in water. Ideally it should be mixed in the juice or wine during a pump-over or tank mixing.

To Use: 

  • Dissolve in 10 times its weight in cold water and mix vigorously to avoid any lumps.

  • Allow the mixture to stand for 3 hours.

  • Add to the juice or wine during a pump-over or a good mixing.

  • Depending upon the wine, a Bentolact S addition may take up to 7 days to settle.