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Bottle Wax 1 lb

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This product is a polymer (similar to plastic) which will not chip or flake and has a great shine.

1 lb. of wax will dip approximately 45 - 50; 750 ml bottles.

Colors in stock are Burgundy, Black, Gold, Green, Red, Silver, White, Blue and Yellow.

Dipping Instructions:

You will need a deep fryer or Presto Multi-Cooker (not a crock pot) to heat wax. For smaller jobs, a Fry Daddy Jr. will work too.

Heat Wax Dip to approximately 380 degrees F. A cold, full pot will take over two hours to heat up to dipping temperature.

Start the process by transferring a small dollop of wax to the neck reservoir completely covering the cork and touching the edges of the glass neck. This very important first step stops air bubbles from the cork from pushing up through the wax. Let this cool for 2-3 minutes, then invert the bottle and dip the neck into the dip until you've achieved the desired look. Pull the bottle out and hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle, rotating at the same time to get an even dip without drips (unless that's what you want!). Immediately dip the waxed portion of the bottle into a small tub of cool water. This will make the wax set. If you goofed and don't like the looks of your dipped bottle, simply remove the wax (after it cools!) and toss it back into the deep fryer, then give it another try!