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Chardonnay, Sparkling Base, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Late Harvest, Fruit Wine

    • The DV10 yeast was validated and recommended by the microbiology laboratory at the Pôle Technique et Environnement of CIVC in Epernay, France.
    • Strong fermentation kinetics. Recognized for low foaming, low VA production and very low H2S and SO2 production.
    • Lalvin DV10TM is well known for clean fermentations that respect varietal character while avoiding bitter sensory contributions associated with other more one-dimensional ‘workhorse’ strains such as PM.
    • Can be used to restart stuck fermentations and has been known to ferment up to 18% (v/v) alcohol.

apple sihouette.jpgAlso good for cider.