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Flashgum R

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Gum arabic for colloidal protection

Flashgum R Liquide is a 25% gum arabic preparation which offers both colloidal protection and the perception of sweet and soft characters on the palate. Gum arabic products can help reduce the risk of colloidal deposits in the bottle in wines bottled without filtration. Natural polysaccharides reduce astringency and increase feelings of volume and fullness in the mouth. Flashgum R Liquide can provide color protection in rosé and fruit wines.

To Use: Flashgum R Liquide should be the last commercial product added to the wine. It is best to do inline additions 24-72 hours prior to the final pre-membrane and membrane filtrations. Filterability trials prior to membrane filtration are recommended. If using on wine that is not going to be filtered, add Flashgum R Liquide just prior to bottling.