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Iodine "Ripper" Method Assembly

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 This iodine (Ripper) method is widely used for SO2 determination, but it is not  suitable for free SO2 on red wine, wines with botrytis, or whites after Malolactic fermentation.  The iodine method measures the acid-released free SO2 by reaction with iodine. 

This assembly includes everything needed to perform tests except for a titration apparatus.

Assembly includes:

1/Each     250ml Erlenmeyer Flask

1/Each     500ml Erlenmeyer Flask

1/Each     50ml Volumetric Pipet

1/Each     5ml Volumetric Pipet

1/Each     2ml Titration Dispenser

1/Each     Iodine 0.0156N, 16oz

1/Each     Sodium Hydroxide 10%, 16oz

1/Each     Sulfuric Acid 1+3 (25%), 16oz

1/Each     Starch Indicator 1%, 4oz

1/Each     Sodium Thiosulfate 0.025N, 4oz

1/Each     Instructions