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Lafazym Thiols 250g

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Preparation of pectolytic enzymes with secondary activities designed to reveal
Qualified for the elaboration of products for direct human consumption in the field of the regulated use in Oenology. Natural
non GMO and preservative free. In accordance with the regulation (EU) 2019/934 and the food chemical Codex and JECFA.

• LAFAZYM® THIOLS[+] is used on must is used on must and
up to 1/3rd of the alcoholic fermentation for an optimisation
of the aromatic potential.
• During cold stabulation, before settling, LAFAZYM®
THIOLS[+] is used to amplify the aromatic expression for
this pre-fermentation stage.
• After a settling, LAFAZYM® THIOLS[+] could be added
to the clarified juices before departure of the alcoholic
Note: for optimal clarification, it is recommended to use a clarifying
enzyme such as LAFAZYM® CL or LAFAZYM® 600 XL ICE.
• Bentonite: Enzymes are irreversibly inactivated by
bentonite. Any bentonite treatment must occur after
enzymatic action is completed, or enzyme addition must
take place once the bentonite has been removed.
• SO2
: Enzymes are not sensitive to normal doses of SO2
(<300 mg/L) but it is recommended not to put the enzymes
and sulphurous solutions in direct contact.
• The preparations are generally active at temperatures
from 5 to 60°C (41 - 140°F) at a wine pH of 2.9 to 4.
3 to 6 g/hL (30 to 60 ppm) added after pressing, before
alcoholic fermentation onset on clarified juice or in
stabulation depending on the targeted aromatic profile.