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No Brett Inside

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Brettanomyces Control with Chitosan

No Brett Inside is an effective tool to control Brettanomyces in the cellar.  Comprised of chitosan, a natural polysaccharide from Aspergillus niger (same organism where oenological enzymes are sourced), No Brett Inside has been shown to reduce Brettanomyces populations from 3 x 105 cells/mL to 0 after 10 days of treatment.

No Brett Inside has been administratively approved for continual use under 27 CFR 24.250. As a result of updated TTB regulations, customers using No Brett Inside do not have to file an application for use.



Prepare No Brett Inside by suspending it in 5 times its weight in water. Additions can be made during pump-overs or during tank/barrel agitations/mixings. Let the No Brett Inside settle for 10 days, then rack off.

Please note: No Brett Inside can reduce Brettanomyces populations in wine but it has no impact on 4EP or 4EG levels already present in the wine.

Also good for cider.

Recommended Dosage