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Nomacorc Classic Green, Bag of 1000

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Classic Green is the next generation of the world's leading wine closure Classic+. Using PlantCorc™ technology based on renewable plant-based polymers derived from sugarcane, Classic Green is more sustainable and enjoys updated features to enhance its overall look and feel.

    • Lower oxygen ingress rates compared to Classic+
    • TCA-free — no cork taint
    • Premium embossed end treatment
    • Chamfered
    • Soft-feel is easier to grip and has a more appealing, softer tactile touch
    • Made from renewable, plant-based polymers
    • Recyclable


Diameter  - 22.5mm

Length - 43mm

Customized printing - Yes  **One time setup fee of $150

Ageing - Up to 5 years

Package: Bag of 1000

**These corks cannot be used with hand or manual corkers.  Please order the Select Series 900 Chamfered Synthetic cork.