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Nomacorc Select 900, Bag of 1000

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The Nomacorc Select Series™ is a collection of high-performance co-extruded wine closures designed to meet the needs of discriminating winemakers and the unique wines they create. From delicate white wines to robust reds; from the light and fruity to the complex and full-bodied, there is a Select Series closure that will provide optimum post-bottling oxygen management.

- Oxygen Control; consistency superior to all other wine closures

- Color and Texture: consistent with traditional high quality natural cork

- First engineered closure that can be end-printed

- Eliminates and protects from cork induced TCA

The Select Series is backed by the Nomacorc Winemaker Promise, a commitment of consistent oxygen control performance, quality assurance, and total protection from TCA.

These corks are chamfered and can be used for hand/manual and machine bottling.

Cork size: 22.5 x 44 mm

Package: Bag of 1000