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Nomacorc Select Green 500, Bag of 1000

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The World’s First Zero Carbon Footprint Wine Closure

Engineered to be the best closure solution for age-worthy premium wines, Select Green (previously Select Bio) is fully recyclable and made using renewable, plant-based biopolymers derived from sugar cane.

Select Green uses Nomacorc’s proprietary PlantCorc™ technology to provide a sustainable closure with superior performance and consistent oxygen control while minimizing environmental impact by preventing spoilage and waste from wine fault.

The upgraded packaging includes 2 new features:

- The new Select Green closures have an improved texture.  The outer skin is easier to grip and has a more appealing and softer  touch.

- Process and treatment innovations enhance the visual look to include the appearance of distinct woodgrain markings and barklike crevices and lines.

Diameter  - 22.5mm

Length - 44mm

Customized printing - Yes  **One time setup fee of $150

End printing - Yes

Ageing - Up to 8 years

Chamferred finish Only

Can only be used for Machine Corking.

Package - Bag of 1000