Oak Restorer CW 5 kg

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Oak Restore, 5 kg

Oak Restorer leaves your wooden surfaces refreshed, odorless and pH neutral.

Oak Restorer products are proprietary cleaners formulated for use on oak surfaces. Developed on behalf of winery clients in Australia, these buffered carbonate blends also contain bicarbonates and surfactants to effectively remove tartrate build-up, color, tannin, and protein residues; thereby extending the working life of barrels, puncheons, redwood tanks and staves. Oak Restorers are single-process cleaning agents requiring only a water rinse. No subsequent neutralization is required. 

Recommended Dosage: 0.5–2% w/v

Dosage Rate Conversions
0.5% w/v 0.5 g/100mL 5 g/L 19 g/gal 0.67 oz/gal
1% w/v 1 g/100mL 10 g/L 38 g/gal 1.34 oz/gal
1.5% w/v 1.5 g/100mL 15 g/L 57 g/gal 2.0 oz/gal
2% w/v 2 g/100mL 20 g/L 76 g/gal 2.68 oz/gal
4% w/v 4 g/100mL 40 g/L 151 g/gal 5.36 oz/gal


Dissove in clean, potable water.
Prepare Oak Restorer-CW (Cold Water) using water that is 68-86°F (20-30°C)
Prepare Oak Restorer-HW (Hot Water) using water that is 104-140°F (40-60°C)

Store in a dry, odor free environment between 50–68°F (10–20°C) away from sunlight.