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Scottzyme PEC5L, 1kg

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Enzyme for white and fruit for pressability, settling and clarification

Scottzyme® Pec5L is a highly concentrated pectinase blend designed specifically for winemaking. It is used on crushed grapes for easier pressing and higher yields and in juice for improved settling, clarification and filtration. It is also useful for berries, pome and stone fruits. When adding to fruit, it is sometimes beneficial to use in conjunction with Scottzyme HC.

To Use: Dilute Scottzyme Pec5L to approximately a 10% solution in cool water. Sprinkle over the grapes/fruit before pressing or add to the juice before the start of alcoholic fermentation.

Storage: Store at 4°C (40°F) for 1-2 years. Keep tightly sealed and refrigerated once

Recommended Dosage


10-20 mL/ton


1.0-1.3 mL/hL 40-50 mL/1000 gal


1.3-1.6 mL/hL 50-60 mL/1000 gal