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Self-Zeroing Kit for Burets

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Save time and increase convenience. The Nalgene™ Self-Zeroing Buret Filler Kit converts any conventional glass or plastic 25mL or 50mL buret into an automatic-filling, self-zeroing buret. Avoid messy spills from manual filling or funneling reagents into the top of the buret. The squeeze bottle is the reservoir for the titrant, which is delivered into the mouth of the buret through the provided clear PVC tubing.

Operating Instructions:

The polypropylene fill tube connects to the end of the transfer tubing and is inserted into the mouth of the buret using the provided adapter. Adjust the fill tube tip so it is just above the zero mark of your buret. Squeeze the bottle to fill the buret above the zero mark. When you release the squeeze on the bottle, the excess titrant will be drawn back into the reservoir bottle leaving the titrant level in the buret at the zero line.

    • 1000mL low-density polyethylene squeeze bottle

    • 4′ length (1.2m) of clear, flexible PVC tubing

    • Fill tube

    • Adapter

    • Closure for reagent bottle.