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Ultima Soft

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Mannoprotein/Gum Arabic with volume enhancing effect

A mannoprotein and gum Arabic blend. UltiMA Soft was the result of a 3 year research and development program at the IOC. On white wines it can soften, enhance body, add length, and lower astringency. On red wines, UltiMA Soft maintains fruity aromas while helping to round out the mid palate. If the wine is not to be filtered, this fully soluble product can be added immediately prior to bottling. Bench trials are recommended. Gum arabic and mannoprotiens both have some stabilizing effects on wine, though the addition of this product is not a replacement for good winemaking practice and thorough analysis.

Recommended Dosage

15-30 g/hL (1.2-2.4 lbs/1000 gal)