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Zymaflore Egide

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A formulation of strains of the Torulaspora delbrueckii and Metschnikowia pulcherrima species sourced from eco-selections
for BIOprotection. These strains selected from among the grape’s indigenous flora for their organoleptic neutrality will
colonise the medium and control the microflora in the pre-fermentation stages.
Combining these two high-implantation-capacity species, the one cryophilic and more SO2
-resistant (Torulaspora – in
sequences where SO2
is added to grapes) and the other, particularly healthy during grape inoculation (Metschnikowia),
ensures that the medium is protected by micro-organisms producing positive results in a wide range of circumstances.

Recommended dosage: 2 - 3 g/hL (20 - 30 ppm). Increase dosage up to 5 g/hL (50 ppm) in case of low temperatures
(stabulation, cold soak at a temperature < 4°C / 39°F), of non-rehydration or of high microbial pressure (red grapes, etc.).